mardi 4 avril 2017

LSA meeting at our new Godwari office

According to our plan on 4th April 2017 we conducted the LSA meeting at our new Godwari office.
We collected the monthly report. At the same time we discussed about our new waiver and MOU.
We also provided them with mark sheet to complete the report. We also provided them waiver and MoU.
Our LSA have requested for games materials for all CLASS centers. We provided games materials after the earthquake so if we provide game materials they can play.

lundi 3 avril 2017

Arrival of the girls' furniture and goods in Deurali-Dolakha

Briefings girls and boys

Bijesh Shrestha, Project Director CPCS Int and experienced social worker of the first hour, gives some explanation to the girls and boys. How do they each should live in their own building. what are the new rules and how that should be followed to keep it enjoyable for everyone.

Bijesh Shrestha, de project directeur CPCS Int en sociaal werker van het eerste uur, geeft een woordje uitleg aan de meisjes en jongens. Hoe zij ieder in hun eigen gebouw dienen te leven, wat de nieuwe gebruiken zijn en hoe die dienen nageleefd te worden om het voor iedereen zo aangenaam mogelijk te houden.

Social Rehabilitation Center for Girls - Deurali - Dolakha

The Socialization and Rehabilitation Center for Girls is now situated in the center of CPCR Deurali-Dolakha. The girls arrived and found shelter in the new building. Little girls live together under the guidance of the team and bigger girls soon find shelter in their own building (currently under construction). Girls are, as everywhere in the world, vulnerable and need an environment where they are protected and feel safe. On the picture you see the arrival in Deurali-Dolakha and some "on the road" pictures.

Het Socialisatie en Rehabilitatie Center voor Meisjes is nu gesitueerd in het CPCR center in Deurali-Dolakha. De meisjes zijn aangekomen en vinden onderdak in het nieuwe gebouw. Kleine meisjes wonen samen onder begeleiding van het team en grotere meisjes vinden weldra een onderkomen in hun eigen gebouw (nog in aanbouw). Meisjes zijn, zoals overal in de wereld, kwetsbaar en houden van een omgeving waar ze zich beschermd en veilig voelen. Op de foto zien jullie de aankomst in Deurali-Dolakha en een paar "on the road" foto's.

mardi 21 mars 2017

As people go on and off a train, so it goes into an organization like CPCS - Een organisatie zoals CPCS is zoals een trein, mensen stappen op en af...

An organization such as CPCS is like a train, people get on and off ...
These are the wise words of Puran Shakya during his farewell speech in CPCS today.

Today CPCS showed tribute and said goodbye to five fantastic teammates.

A warm thank you to Puran Shakya, Devi Sarki, Vishnu Charmakar, Salikram Acharya and Badri Narayan Shrestha. Thanks for everything you did for CPCS and the important role that you have played in all those children's lives in recent years. You were a pleasure to work with. The entire CPCS team wishes you all the very best for the future.
Sincere gratitude, friends! All the best of luck!

Een organisatie zoals CPCS is zoals een trein, mensen stappen op en af...
Dit zijn de wijze woorden van Puran Shakya tijdens zijn afscheidsspeech in CPCS.

Vandaag huldigde CPCS vijf teamleden, die ons jammer genoeg verlaten.

Een warme dank aan Puran Shakya, Devi Sarki, Vishnu Charmakar, Salikram Acharya en Badri Narayan Shrestha. Dank aan alles wat jullie voor CPCS deden en vooral wat jullie voor al die kinderlevens betekent hebben. Jullie waren een plezier om mee te werken. Het voltallige CPCS team wenst jullie allen het allerbeste toe voor de toekomst.
Oprechte dank, vrienden! Het ga jullie goed!

vendredi 17 mars 2017

Parents meeting and shoes distribution in CLASS Halchok

Shree Bhumeshwori Primary School management organized child friendly Picnic Program in Bhumeshwori, Suspa-9, Dolakha

jeudi 16 mars 2017

On March 16, 2017, Deurali Forest User Group Distribute Free fire wood for CPCS and Local People In Deurali Supa-9 Dolakha.

Meeting with Parents in CLASS Kalanki

On 14th March 2016, We visited in CLASS Kalanki. We did meeting with parents and discussed about children studies. Our HA Biken arrange awareness class about viral infection. He organized health check up for the children. Head master also give some special tips for the parents about good behavior. We distributed shoes for the children.

mercredi 15 mars 2017

Holi programs In CPCS DIC , DB

This Yeas Holi celebrated was nice with street children in cpcs DB DIC., 30/40 children celebrated Nepali cultural colored of Holi, Some of youth and children also came from street area to celebrate holi program,
CPCS provided many kinds of color , and good snacks with meet sweets also.


lundi 13 mars 2017

CLASS Budhanilkantha visit and health check up program

vendredi 10 mars 2017

Sweater Distribution Program in Lamanagi lower Secondary School Lamanagi, Supa-9, Dolakha

March 10, 2017 Lamanagi Lowery secondary School organized Sweater distributed program in Lamanagi. 98 kids, School Teacher, School Principal and Nepal Red Cross Society's President(Lamanagi) are activity participating in the program.   Total 170 kids are studying in this school. 100 kids are studying through CPCS international support.  

jeudi 23 février 2017

Health check up program CLASS Mulpani

On 21st Feb, 2017, We went CLASS Mulpani for the health check up and awareness class. Now 25 children are studying in CLASS Mulpani. All children are studying well. They are regular in school and tuition class.

mardi 21 février 2017

CLASS Sanothimi Visit and Health Check Up Program

On 20th Feb, 2017, We went CLASS Sanothimi. We did meeting with school management and principal. 
Our supported children and their parents also involved in the program. Our clinic team organized Health Check up program and awareness class for the supported children. We did meeting with parents about children studies. 

dimanche 19 février 2017

Health Check up and Awareness Program in CLASS Chalnakhel

On 17 February 2017, we visited  at CLASS Chalnakhel. We organized health check up program for the supported 25 children. At the same time we also organized drawing class for the supported children. We refilled the first aid box. Children were very excited to see us. Individual photos of them were taken as well.

jeudi 16 février 2017

CLASS Bhaktapur visit

 CLASS Bhaktapur visit and organized health check up program for supported 25 children.

Health Check Up and Awareness Program in CLASS Khwop.

On 15th Feb 2017, We went to CLASS Khwop, Bhaktapur. We conducted Awareness class about Child Sexual Abuse to the supported children. We discussed about abuses and how to prevent from abuse. The school principal also involved in our program. At the same time Biken Sir (HA) managed health check up program to the children. All children's health condition is stable. We fulfilled their first aid box and we provided simple medicine to the needy children. We hand over 20 Pkt sanitary pad to our LSA.

mardi 14 février 2017

Refer 3 boys Sent For Training , In YRP , from CPCS DIC

3 Street youth we sen in Vocational training in YRP NGO, They spent 3/4 Months in CPCS DIC after socialized they ready to go in Vocational training , 2 boys for cock training and one is for informal programs. 
They are , Bibek Gurung / Ayush Thapamagar / Umesh Thapamagar/ 

mardi 7 février 2017

Sweater distributed program in CLASS Banepa

On 7th Feb 2017,
We went CLASS Banepa for the program. We meet with children and distributed school sweater. Now there are 30 children are studying through CPCS support. All children family are labour and they are migrated from another place for the Labour.

School shoes distribution Program.

6 Feb,2017

We have distributed school shoes to kids CLASS Kudule and CLASS Phosretar center office. They have not school shoes. All are wearing simple sandal.CPCS International provide all things for our supported to children.

lundi 6 février 2017

Health check up and parents meeting in CLASS Budhanilakantha.

On 6th Feb, 2017, we went CLASS Budhanilakantha and we did meeting with Parents.
Padam sir managed personal health awareness and medical check up program for children.
At the same time we distributed school uniforms to the supported children. As well as we hand over 20 pkt sanitary pad to our LSA. There are 25 children studying through CPCS support.

dimanche 5 février 2017

School shoes distribute program sindhuli center.

5 Feb,2017

We have distributed school shoes to kids sindhuli center office. They have not school shoes. All are wearing simple sandal.We have provide center office and CLASS Kamala center. Tomorrow we distribute CLASS Phosretar and CLASS Kudule.  

School Dress distribution and medical Camp sindhuli center.

We have done parents meeting and Medical Camp in Phosretar  School.We distribute school dress and school provide tie and belt our supported school. All things provide from CPCS International.

Our nurse check up all parents and kids.