vendredi 29 mai 2015

News from Charikot ! Today 267 kids and 67 adults in the displaced children camp !

CPCS and partners are providing back support, relief materials, medical treatment, psychological counselling and try to prevent separation of families... Today a new team is leaving Ktm to replace and the camp gone move up to a remote village (Deurali) very affected by the earthquake... Thanks to our partners, thanks to the team, the local volunteers and everyone supporting ! Check the article : "Escaped traffickers are back in business luring quake survivors with promises of a better life for their children"

jeudi 28 mai 2015

Support materials sent to Ramechap ! Many villages are still expecting help/support. The monsoon is coming !

CPCS - Girls Center

Report from the CPCS - girls centers : Our girls are doing fine but they are still very scared. Since a couple of days, they went back sleeping inside but as many persons, they feel a new earthquake is maybe coming. 

Our neigboors sleep still in tents around the center but due to the thunderstorms and heavy rain, we decided that inside was better. (Considering the structure of the home is fine)

mardi 19 mai 2015

Displaced Children Camp - Dolakha ! (a child-friendly zone for earthquake victims). Thanks to Caritas, NGN, Ama Ghar, BalMandir-Dolakha, DCWB, etc...

Field Report from Himmat Maskey and the team : Around 5 o'clock yesterday, we reached Dolakha. Before we arrived, there was a huge and violent demonstration of the locals who need relief materials. Some materials of the UN and big organisations was misused and they left the place. We stopped for a while just before Dolakha waiting for a more peaceful situation... 

Later we moved and could convince locals we are coming with real support. We reached the local office of Balmandir (gov office caring for children) and we could stock our materials and managed the tents. Today morning we started the camp and assessement of the situation (to bring additional materials). There is a correct coordination with the CDO office, DCWB, DDC, Police and ward office. 

About Dolakha itself, the situation is very bad. More than 90 % of the small town is destroyed, same with Charikot on the way. Urgent needs : mineral water jars, water purification tabs, wire for electricity or generator, water tank...  Many Children reached the camp and will benefit from medical support, counselling, games, basic informal education, etc...

jeudi 14 mai 2015

Siphal, Street kids socialisation Shelter

Kirtipur visit and relief materials distribution

Today  14 May 2015, the CPCS team along with representatives from AHF (American Himalayan Foundation)  we went to visit and support the Kirtipur Class Program (CPCS Local Action Support and Services)

The School building is ok, not too damaged. Two supported children  houses are totally damaged and  others are partially collapsed.  19 children live in rented house.  Since the earthquake, all children lived in tents with their family. 

We gave priority to our supported children though there were around 600 children studying in this school . 

We have given 20 supported children relief materials mat-20, tent -20 blancket -20 rice and  noodle also give to them . Nine children  will come to collect stuffs they were on the way . Our LSA  kept stuffs for them safely

Other  21 families got  relief materials stuffs  They were the parents of children from same school.

Same time other 36 families also came there to take stuffs but we have taken only 50 set of relief materials

We also done general health check up for 60-70 children and adult . We also distributed medicine cetamol  omoprazol  jeevanjal, metron  Zinc , cough syrup eye ears drops  and most of the visitors have blood pressure problem.

Some villagers became angry because we had not enough for everyone... We will be back, we do our best.... 

News from Dillibazar - Second Night after the 7.4 earthquake

News from Badri Acharya :

Last night also many public were come for shelter. We fixed a television on the ground outside. We requested public not to bring too many cars to let the safety zone free. Some neighboors are so happy with our support, one of them collected milk and bring to give to old persons, sick persons and children... 
We managed to give food to all serving in priority children and old persons. 

Yesterday  also 104 (Police Service for Children at risk) requested for relief materials. We provide them 1 Tarpaulins, 3 carton noodles and medicine for first aid. CPCS has an excellent relation with that police service, helping children in difficult situation. 

mercredi 13 mai 2015

News from CPCS Dillibazar and situation in Kathmandu

Dear all (from Bijesh Sir and Arjun sir),

There was a big earthquake at 12.50pm yesterday.  Immediately many people (public) started gathering in our premises (Dillibazar centre) and crying for safety. The noise and fear was very impressive. 
They were about hundred persons. Some come with car, bikes. Also some sick people, old people and a woman who just give birth. 

They seemed very terrified and scared and our team did his best to support them. 
We fixed a medical corner with Health Assistant and nurses. On the same time, our tents given by IOM and UN arrived. (452 pcs)

We served food, snacks, water to all and managed our securities to filter people at the gate.  We also tried to contact all staffs and the different team (rescue team) dispatched around the country. 

We also managed to collect additional rolls of mattresses and launched our evening field service to support street-based kids or lost kids.  

In Dillibazar, we fixed the tents (Belgian Army tent) and managed beds and blankets for all people in need. 
On around 100 persons in Dillibazar (plus CPCS Kids), around 20 were seriously sick and needed urgent treatment. 

CPCS stand up !!! The dillibazar centre is again sheltering victims of the earthquake ! and neigboors on need of a safe zone ! The team is working day and night to support street-based kids, children at risks but also other victims ! Thanks to B-Fast for the very useful tents, beds, etc !

jeudi 7 mai 2015

News from the field (Sindhupalchowk)

Atr Sir : "I am in Chautara (Sindupalchowk district) today with NGN (New Generation Nepal) organisation. We had meeting with DCWB, NGN, PLAN International, Save the children, Unicef, Sakti Samuha.... for data collection of kids and traffic prevention....Tomorrow we will install a tent in Barabise to run a child friendly programs...." 

Post-earthquake risk of traffick - Children are at high risks !

Since the civil war in Nepal, traffickers have preyed on vulnerable families in rural areas, offering their children safety and an education in boarding schools or children’s homes in Kathmandu. 

In practice the children have been used as poverty commodities to raise money from well-meaning but naïve donors and volunteers who support these ‘orphanages’ in the misplaced belief they are helping genuine orphans, or at least children who have no other choice than to be there. We are now deeply concerned that the earthquake will accelerate this trend beyond our worst nightmares. 

CPCS Relief Supplies reach a village of Sindhupalchowk - First on the spot...