vendredi 30 octobre 2015

Street- Based Children of Nepal ! and the CPCS Street Educators / Field Workers !

 There are many reasons pushing, throwing or attracting the child to the street and the street world and the ones living there have to be respected. Children on the street are living in groups (small gangs) following their own rules, own way of thinking, own way of living. As they feel rejected by society, they create a sub society system with their own power relations, hierarchy and values. As plastic takers (rag pickers), beggars, street vendors, tempo boys, they don’t have a very positive image on the public. They are what people call “Khate”, a word, which once described the plastic takers only but that is now used for calling all those children who work, live and sleep on the street.

vendredi 23 octobre 2015


On 22nd October 2015,(5 Kartik, 2072) Thursday , CPCS  organized "Bada Dashain TIKA" program at our Dillibazar Rehabilitation Centre. About 150 children attend the program. (children and youth at risks or street-based) CPCS president Mr Bijesh Shrestha gave tika (third eye) to all children. After TIKA, children received fruits and a nice meal. During the program, children enjoyed with music, dance, song and lunch. Children from girls center Godawari, Socialization center Sifal and Schooling and rehabilitation program Dillibazar also participate. 

Other children went back to their home or relatives as a part of our progressive "deinstitutionalisation program" or "Back to home/own community"... 

mardi 6 octobre 2015

Training for CPCS Local Social Actors - (A Family-based support program supported by La Chaine de L'espoir)

Refresher Training for CPCS LSA (Local Social Actor)
Date: Monday, 5th October 2015
Venue: Dillibazar, Kathmandu
Organized By: CPCS (Child Protection Centers and Services)
-         Discuss about CPCS and CLASS Program / Work / Objectives etc.
-         Reporting System / Child File record etc.
-         Nepalese Children; challenges, Problem and Opportunities.
-         Discuss about how to develop partnership with school / local body/ Club/ NGOs etc.
-         Follow up Discuss about CPP (Child Protection Policy)
-         Sin Card Distribution and brief about NCELL Package.
Facilitator: Arjun Mohan Bhattarai / Bijesh Shrestha / Himmat Maskey / Nawaraj Pokharel /Ranju Shrestha