jeudi 31 décembre 2015

mercredi 30 décembre 2015

By getting well Sapana Discharge from Hospital

Sapana was admitted in hospital since couple of  days. Today she is discharge from Dolakha Hospital. She is class bhedikhor student. She has to follow-up for further treatment. she has to wait for medical teal which is come from Kathamndu path. She was back her home with father. Her mother comb her and making her ready to discharge.

mardi 29 décembre 2015

Building activities in Dolakha

Due to earth quack shocks   building contractors were stop their work at Deurali. Now they are stating their work by collecting stone ,They are using menpower for breaking stone, collecting contraction materials. They will continue their building work at deurali.

Today we digging for plantation of fruits plants in the land and its boundary.

lundi 28 décembre 2015

Sapana from Class Bhedikhor (remote village in Dolakha) getting medical support

 She was suspected by tuberculosis and plural effusion . By finding from medical pathology She was suffer by left plural effusion, She was making follow up Doctor since last Thursday 24-12-2015. Now she is admitted in GauriShankhar Hospital, Dolakha. She has to staying in hospital minimum five days.
Parents are caring her in hospital.

dimanche 27 décembre 2015

Children Class and Games in Regional Rehabilitation Center Charikot Dolakha

Due to increasing cold children are taking class with electrical heater.they have two times classes for socialization as well as Alphabetic knowledge. Dolakha Regional Rehabilitation Center supporting children who are referral from District Police Office and Women Development office who are in risk. By providing shelter , food and and information education to those children when we are able to contract to their parents or if parents come into the children contract we send children back their society with their relatives. Relatives also commit to us sending children school and providing minimum care to them.
Children are interested to play games when they finished their class.

jeudi 24 décembre 2015

Shelter activities (cooking, cleaning, education, etc...)

La froidure de Katmandou en plein hiver... Dure pour les petites vies en situation de rues...

Street based children self cooking and take warm from wood fire.

Activities at the Siphal Socialisation Centre

Street based children are doing activities .

Parents Meeting and awareness program in Class Bhedikhor 23 Dec 201

Parents Meeting and awareness program in Class Bhedikhor  23 Dec 2015

There are 37 students,  all are from Thami community supported by CPCS. School Name Bhumeshwori Primary School, Due to  25th july 2015 earth quack shocks school building   fully damage than the school management committee build temporary learning center  (TLC) through District Education Office support.
There was parents meeting  from the CPCS Regional Rahabilitation Center  Badri P. sharma and Mohan Lama  and from the school headmaster Bishnu Maya Karki and LSA Sukunu Thami were participate in meeting and we provide one 1 hour awareness class about child legal status, Now Every mother know about the importance of child birth certificate, citizenship necessity etc.

A CPCS Class program (in Dolakha District) - Kutidanda

Kutidanda Class program  where CPCS is supporting 50 children by providing their school support with one teacher  and afternoon snacks. Children are selected for support by after study  of their  risk circumstance. children are selected from teacher and parents committee, School management committee. CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center Dolakha frequently observe and supporting to LSA on the need . On 23 Dec, 2015 Bimala khanal and Nawaraj Lama visit over their  for making children individual files and supporting on children drawing and story telling activities on afternoon.

mercredi 23 décembre 2015

Street based children take warm from sun light, some time girls also come in our shelter at day time and after they go their room with family. some time they sleep in street with friends not all time , when they sleep at night they can't sleep they fire wood and all night take warm.   

Siphal Socialisation Shelter for street-based kids (activities on the 23th December)

Street based children activities in CPCS sifal shelter 23 Dec 2015 

Girls referred to the Girls Center

(Rabina , change name) 
Broun in ktm kaphan, she has all family but her father left them coz, her father wants to son, they are all girls. Her mother works jyami / work in house. She came in street with her friends in boudha, she stayed 2/3 weeks in street of boudha . Her mother took in another Rehab (drugs rehab) and after 3 months she runaway from there. She goes to her room, her mother bit and sends to rehab; she doesn’t like to stay in drugs rehab.  Now she is staying on the street with friends from one week. She like to stay in CPCS girls and she request to us and live that glue and smokes. She has interest for continue to go to school and open one market shop or work good job.    

Godhawari picnic, Shelter  22 Dec 2015 

According to 28 street based children and 4 staffs /youth had godhawari picnic from CPCS shelter program, It was great with kids , they feel very happy to stay one night also . after long time they enjoyed with picnic before we couldn't    send in their  of situation of blog of india, but we did that picnic program with kids. Now there is so cold 7 to 17 Dc weather, they fire wood and took worm.

Ready to go picnic street based children,

mardi 22 décembre 2015

22 Dec, 2015 Children Visit program to View Point Dolakha

22 Dec, 2015 Children  Visit program to View Point  Dolakha

By the decision of child meeting they decided to go for visit view point of the Dolakha so today staffs and youth involved in their visit to go view point. The view point lies above the 2400 meters height altitude.

Child Council Meeting - Dolakha

Today 22 Dec 2015, CPCS regional Rehabilitation Center's children organize their child council meeting. The meeting facilitation by center's staffs. There was nine children participation . They select one minister, one captain and one judge. If there is misunderstand among them they practice it by their self.

lundi 21 décembre 2015

Blankets for a cold winter !

Blankets and matters buying for winter, Shelter

Clothes for street-based children

Repairing windows to stop the cold !!!

CPCS shelter repairing windows

Support on the field for street based youth and children !

Medical treatments on the street for street based children boys and girls from IES/Field
There are many boys and girls are sleeping on the street. They have many kinds of problems with family, society, police and political situation. They have own groups shirt planet and they believe with each other. Some boys and girls marred on the street and love each other some time they have break up also. They used many kinds of drugs to left their sadness. Some time they fight with each other and some have tension about back haven life and cut their hand, lags, any part of body’s by blad.        

Pashupati Street based children Movies programs from IES/Field

According to 24 street based children had nepali movies in hall. They have entertainment with nepali funny movies to forgets 3 hours their drugs habits, sniffing glue, smoking smokes and other drugs. They have enjoying with friends and staffs. That is our regular monthly plane to do activities and child friendly programs with street based children on the street.

dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Staffs Meeting in CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center Dolakha 19 Dec.2015

Badri Prasad Sharma
Bimala khanal
Mina Magar
Pabitra Devi Bastola
Bhagat Siwakoti
Nawaraj  Lama
Mohan Lama (Youth)

1. Individual files of class children
2. Role and Responsibility of staffs
3. children's socialization class and Alphabetical class in the center
4. School visit and health camp

No gas, no fuel... back to traditionnal cooking in Dolakha too...

CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center also affected from fuel crises there is no cooking gas. Children are asking indigenous food Makai Bhatamas for this cold season. So staff make ready it on traditional wood stove and HADI (Tradional Pot) on 19 Dec 2015

LSA Meeting in Regional Rahabilitation Center Dolakha  on 12 Dec 2015. Participant LSA from Following Class center:
Class Dolakha: Yagya Kumari Tuladhar
Class Makaibari: Muna Ale Magar
Class Deurali: Manuka Siwakoti
Class Laqmanagi: Tej Bhadur Karki
Class Bhedikhor: Sakuni Thami
Class Kshamawoti: Asha Shrestha

samedi 19 décembre 2015

CPCS participated on SFWF meeting ..

SFWF meeting on 18 Dec 2015
Venue : Sidhartha Food land , Old banesour ktm
Start Time: 9:30 am
End time : 1 pm 

participated Org: CPCS, APC, CWIN, Sathi, Khusi, CWCN, well come to my yard, Kopila, etc.
Participated Gov: CCWB , Mr Tarak Dhikal ( Executive Director CCWB)

jeudi 17 décembre 2015

Street based children Family reunification from sifal shelter .

lundi 14 décembre 2015

Children are affected by blockade in the street
Since Last few months street youth and children are surviving in the street and not getting food snacks even in hotel, tea shop,  restaurant and they themselves cook in the heart of Kathmandu city touristic area Themel  Jyatha .
  They are not alone; they are with their street female fellow. Most of them already reached in adolescent age and living in carefree life no concern about health and hygiene. They earned money in the street and find the way to survive.

vendredi 11 décembre 2015

Children's Central Government

The Children’s Central Government (CCG) is unique to CPCS. Their peers within the programs democratically elect children from each program. Each week the government members meet their teams and then disseminate the information with the CCMC. Every representative is allowed their say without fear or reprisals from anyone present. Minutes are taken and forwarded to the International Director for review.

jeudi 10 décembre 2015

Children have the opportunity to deposit money in the CPCS Street children banking system. They just have to ask for their money if they need it. We established this program on the request of the children. Living in street involves facing many dreads as theft or racketing, which deprive them of their tough-earned money.Through education in this area, the children come to understand why depositing their earnings in a bank is a safe and viable alternative. The benefits of this system are twofold as it also provides an opportunity to further socialize the children and helps them adopt a more responsible lifestyle.


Street Based children are having informal education and cook their food in the CPCS Sifal Shelter.

The Education Ticket System is one of our most amazing and effective tools in making the children aware of their responsibilities and helps them realize that they can and are able to manage their lives in the long term.

lundi 7 décembre 2015

Humanitarian Crisis in Nepal (no gas, no fuel, no electricity........ )

 Nepal is facing a serious humanitarian crisis and it looks that the world is not aware.
The Indian border posts between Nepal and India are closed since more then 3 months. Nepal is a landlocked country between China and India. There is NO NEWS about this in the international media.

In Dillibazar, the location of the  CPCS Rehabilitation Center, the main transformer for electricity blasted yesterday.

vendredi 4 décembre 2015

Report from ATR Limbu (Director of the Street-Based Children Support Programs) : The situation is critical, no more fuel, no more gas. We started using wood for cooking... Street-based children already affected are now getting additional burden. 3 month of blockade (at the Indian Border) have dramatic consequences.... We try our best to continue our operations but it's hard...