dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Hygiene improvement class in Bal Mandir Primary school for small children

In Bal Mandir Primary school there are some students who are supporting through CPCS where we went today and aware  students who are class one students they are small.

School visit and meeting with teacher, Headmaster (CPCR)

There are  12 supported students from class charikot in Bhim higher Secondary school, Dolakha, As regular work we visit school students and call meeting with headmaster, Teacher and resource person from District Education Office (Government) who where in the school observation duty. we explain about how we work with children at risk.

samedi 30 janvier 2016

Class Charikot activity in CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center office

Class charikot conduct teaching/learning and recreational activities with its supported students. Students taking 1:30 Hours class and they spend 00:30 minutes in drawing/fun activities. Some of the students are far and different school so usually student take off at Wednesday. For the replace of Wednesday students comes for class at Saturday.

Dolakha Rehab Centre - Work is going head !

People are collecting stone from stone mine. Contractor brought a tractor for transporting stone despite finding fuel is so complicate nowadays. They already make ready the foundations ! Work is going ahead ! and other work will start from tommorrow ! In a couple of month, this center will be ready and shelter children at risks ! Thanks to all our partners !

Staffs Meeting at CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center Dolakha

Today 30 Jan 2016, CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center conduct staffs meeting for over all improvement of the center and its functions

CPCS Girls Center - still cold, still cooking on wood...

Op een geimproviseerd kookvuur, gemaakt van bakstenen, wordt nog steeds op hout gekookt. Wegens de rookhinder die dit meebrengt wordt er genoodzaakt buiten gekookt... het is nog steeds koud, er is nog steeds geen brandstof,  het is nog steeds ellende en miserie.

On an improvised stove made of bricks, food is still cooked on wood. Because of the smoke nuisance this entails people have no other option and cook in the open... it's still cold, there is still no fuel, people are still suffering.

CPCS Girls Center - Vegetable garden in Godawari

Samen met de medewerkers van het meisjescenter van CPCS werd een moestuin aangelegd op het stukje land in Godawari. Met dank aan Femke en Yasmin die dit project met hun ijverige inzet mogelijk maakten.

Staff and the girls from the CPCS center made a vegetable garden on the land in Godawari. A warm thanks to Femke and Yasmin who made this project possible by their diligent efforts.

CPCS Girls Center - Maghe Sankranti

Maghe Sankranti  is a Nepalese festival observed on the first of Maghin the Bikram Samwat Nepali calendar (about 14 January) bringing an end to the ill-omened month of Poush when all religious ceremonies are forbidden. On this day, the sun is believed to leave its southernmost position and begin its northward journey.
The girls enjoyed the day with cooking traditional food.

vendredi 29 janvier 2016

Awareness to Parents in Tikhatal School about child Rights

There are 20 students who are getting support from CPCR through CPCS. Today 1:00 to 2:30 PM making awareness interaction  about child rights with their parents at Tikhatal Primary school Dolakha.

Class Kutidanda Distribute School Dresses to supported students

Class Kutidanda Distribute school Clothes to 50 students who are supported by CPCR through CPCS.

mardi 26 janvier 2016

Class Charikot Organize Meeting with Kids

Class Charikot Organize meeting for supported students at CPCS regional Rehabilitation Center -Dolakha. After meeting children are involve in drawing activities.

Personal Hygiene and seasonal sickness in Class Kshamawoti

Jan 26, 2016, CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center-Dolakha organize awareness class in Class Kshamawoti where 48 children were participation. They asking about personal hygiene and many foods which are sources of difference types of vitamins.

lundi 25 janvier 2016

Tikhatal Primary School meeting with teachers and supported students

There are 20 supported students in Tikhatal Primary school were we reach  today over there and meeting with them as well as teachers. Students are taking snacked at afternoon in school from our organization. Coming Friday we call parents meeting in the school space.

dimanche 24 janvier 2016

GBV (Gender Based Violence) Meeting in Dolakha, Women Development Office

24 Jan 2016, DWDO organizing meeting for the reformation of the committee working in the women issues. Due to last earthquake they were working in women issues personally. Now all organizations will effort from team. All organization will act as members of this committee who are working in Dolakha.
CPCS Reginaol Office Dolakha, Cwin Nepal, Plan International, Tuki Nepal and other many organization were participate in the meeting.

samedi 23 janvier 2016

Deurali Building Foundation Digging

23 Jan 2016, People are working for making foundation for building construction in Deurali Dolakha. They says its takes another day for other 8 people.

An exemple of emergency support provided by CPCS to 5 children surviving alone in a house destroyed by the earthquake !

Because of the civil war and past political troubles this family moved from the tibetan border to the district headquarter (10 years ago). Since then, CPCS has been supporting the schooling cost and other help. Nowadays the situation worsen, the first mother left 2 years ago. Then the father remarried and left to Saudi Arabia (dreaming to find money)

Later the second mother left and the 5 children are since then caring themselves without any adult support ! CPCS is doing its best to help, to support and to ensure those 5 lives receives what they need and have the right to have (education, food, clothes, support, etc...) All together more than 3000 children get support from the CPCS-CLASS centers ! (1300 got scholarships and others are brothers and sisters also supported !)

vendredi 22 janvier 2016

Coordination Meeting Dolakha(CPCR local Organization-CPCS)

For the implementation of various program related with children organize coordination meeting between CPCR: Center for the Protection of Child Rights, Nepal Dolakha CPCS International and CPCS regional Rehabilitation Center Dolakha.
After Meeting Decision CPCR Supporting 200 students from various schools. These schools are:
Kalinchock HIgher Secendory School
Pasupati Kanya Secondary school
Mahendrodaya Higher Secondary School,
Mathillomati Primary School
Tikhatal Primary School
Bhim Higher Secondary School
Bhadrawoti Primary School
Janjyoti Secondary School
Lapilang Higher Secondary  School
Raj Kuleshwor Lower Secondary School
Bal Mandir Primary School
Kutidanda Higher Secondary School

All of the students getting annual school cost including exam Fees, Stationary support, warm clothes,medical support,school dresses, Snacks (afternoon) in class center or school, Counselling support, Awareness classes, Parents and School interaction program, Teacher meeting and so on various programme related with children, parents, school teacher and community performing by CPCR supporting through CPCS International.
 On, 21st janauary, we visited to Khowa class program.There we interacted with parents of 15 kids. In CLASS Khwop we already supported 25 kids but these 15 Kids are not from our class program.The school had selected these 15 kids.we collected all their information. They dont have basic thingh. They are suffering from cold. We tried to go to almost all of kids houses.All of them lived in tent as their homes were distroyed by earthquake. Due to the cold weather ,it has became evenmore worse as they don't have warm clothes,blanckets etc.It would really healpful if CPCS would provide them winter Materials as soon as popssible. It is winter time so CPCS planning to support emergency as soon as popssible.
Weekly child counsel meeting in Sifal DIC with street based children 22 jan 2016

jeudi 21 janvier 2016

Street based children having fire wood, nowadays so cold in ktm so many children have cold.   

mercredi 20 janvier 2016

Floor measurement for foundation in Deurali

20 Jan 2016,CPCS team,Technical persons, and contractor team jointly doing floor measurement activities in Deurali for building.

Class in Bal Mandir primary school

Today 20 Jan 2016: cpcs Regional Rehabilitation center Dolakha team reach in Bal Mandir primary school and operating drawing classes with small children also support in alphabetical classes of the school. Our team also make health awareness class overe there in school.

Health Awareness class to school children

Today 20 Jan 2016:CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center Dolakha  team organize health awareness class in Raj Kuleshwor lower Secondary school Bhimeshwor-2 Dolakha. All school family and children being happy to get such  useful information from paramedical person Stuff nurse. Our team member explain about the illness related with cold etc.
Street based children buy winter cloths from ET dress shop , in Sifal DIC.

Street based children celebrated national festival of Magesagranti , in Sifal DIC ,

Parents Meeting at Lamanagi Lower secondary school

Parents Meeting, Lamanagi Lowere sceondary school on 19 Jan 2016.
Supported students are : 100
Most of the parents are participant in the meeting, meeting running 1:30  to 3:00 PM
Headmaster, teachers, LSA also participated in the meeting.All participants share their voice by round table. There seem problem of students leave classes without any information. Which subject take place in the meeting.Headmaster and parents make interaction within the topic.
It is Thami community,they are marginalize ethic of nepal.

parents meeting in Deurali school

There is a primary school named Budha Primary school suspakshamawoti-9 dolakha. Where CPCS make support all students of the school with one LSA. there we organize parents meeting about children support. Due to cold parents and  students are affected. They react happy for giving warm clothes to school children.

Deurali building reconstruction activities going on

People are working over there, they are managing stone from old house. The JCB work is done. Flooring activities also done. Bijesh sir and Raj sir from kathamndu also arrival. Bijesh sir and Raj sir observed the activities.People will start foundations activity of the house very soon.

lundi 18 janvier 2016

parents meeting in Kutidanda higher secondary school dolakha

Our team reach at kutidanda school were we already inform about the parents meeting for 1 to 2:30 PM.  we decide on meeting about regular class of children and meeting must once a month. Where headmaster and LSA also help us. They also brief about the program.

Parents meeting and child awareness class at Tikhatal

We organize child awareness class and parents meeting at Tikhatal primary school dolakha. Tikhatal school is collapse by last earth quake.we discuss more than two hours wityh parents and headmaster. They all positive with our support.
school class -5 students and children also know about different types of abuse.

dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Work In progress in Deurali (Dolakha Rehabilitation Centre)

Deurali work going on progress, Today 17 Jan 2016, Our team going over there and they shift some fruits plants in another place where the JCB doesn't not through soil. people are making clean old house.

Meeting with children and Parents Meeting at class Dolakha

Jan 17, 2016 at class Dolakha, Our team member came from kathamndu. Class Dolakha  organize parents meeting as well as meeting with children where we brief about children help, focus on regularity of children in class center for taking classes.  snacks time table, seasonal help of the children. Today parents meeting conclude on two topic.

  1. Distribution of the school dress as well as warm clothes for the children 
  2. Once a time parents meeting in class dolakha center
we also listen parents objections and expectation their expectation related with help in children education.Children received school dress and warm clothes by giving their own signature.
In the class Dolakha there are 50 children from 48 families. Children are used to go following schools:
  • Raj Kuleshwor Lower secondary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha
  • Bhim Higher Secondary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha
  • Balmandir Primary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha
  • Tikhatal Primary school Bhimeshwor-2, Dolakha

samedi 16 janvier 2016

Work restart for the Dolakha Rehabilitation Centre of CPCS !

Despite the situation in Nepal is still very complicate due to the earthquake consequences and the current blockade (no fuel, no gas, no electricity, etc.) CPCS is going ahead with the building of our new centre in Dolakha. (Deurali). The almost completed buildings were destroyed by the second terrific earthquake in may... Now we restart prepairing the soil/the ground to ensure appropriate foundations... The projet is supported by many individuals and some partners, Amis de Soeur Emmanuelle (and Mister Duez), SALAAI, EUcanAIDs, Vieujant Foundation, La Chaine de l'espoir, and the school INDSE from Bastogne (Belgium). A team of 50 students and teachers will visit in April !

Here are some photos of the project... Some people are prepairing stones for the buildings, others and dozers prepairing the ground... Considering the sismic risks, we decided to built ground floor building... First 4 buildings and a basic medical center will be established... CPCS is still looking for additionnal funding !

Magi Fastival

CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center celebrating magi with children who are staying in CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center  for short term on the same day 15 Jan 2016. During this day people get tika from BAN TARUL making delicious food,til Laddu, Chaku,ghee and serving all family members.
This festival lies on cold season so people taking bath and put oil in hair with sun bath

jeudi 14 janvier 2016

Morang Area Coordination Centre (ORCHID)

In Morang, We established ORCHID Office. ORCHID will represent CPCS International and CPCS Alliance in Morang area (Three program - Koshi Haraincha, Belbari and Itahari). 200 children are back to school and properly supported... Regular meetings are organised with parents to ensure nice Family Care. Daily tuitions, guidance, etc. are also provided to the children to ensure they stay at school.

The new office will serve as temporary rehab centre, coordination centre, etc... to ensure nice coordination and service (incuding medical, counselling, legal advise)

2 part time staff are working at the office

mercredi 13 janvier 2016

Winter and street life

Winter and street life, street based children are affected by the cold winter. They are sick and suffer from the extreme cold temperature during night time. Some street based children collect blanket and cloths from Pashupati ghat. Some children's parents also sleep on the road and get food from Pashupati bhandaarkhal....

Maintenance works in CPCS Sifal

Repairing windows in DIC Center Sifal.

Collecting wood for cooking in the CPCS Sifal Shelter

It's since a long time now that we have to buy wood from to prepare food in the CPCS-Sifal Center.

CPCS Center Dillibazar - En het leven gaat voort - Life goes on...

Ondanks de moeilijkheden gaat het leven voort... Leuke activiteiten, brandhout kappen om te kunnen koken... dit dankzij de inzet van het CPCS team.

Despite the difficulties, life goes on ... Fun activities, cutting firewood to prepare food... all thanks to the efforts of the CPCS team.

mardi 12 janvier 2016

Camp Fire

No fuel, no gas, nothing.... difficulties in Dolakha as elsewhere in Nepal

Due to Madesh protest and blockade since four months, fuel, gas, medecines and others needs are not available. The cities and urban areas were affected first but now villages also are facing troubles. CPCS Regional Rehabilitation center Dolakha purchased firewood frequently. In this center children shelter for short term and mid term when they are at risk.
In our support project all around the Dolakha District, we can see desolation everywhere. Many villagers are still living under tin roofs or tarpaulins and they are suffering from the cold.

Coordination meeting CPCS network organizations Orchid (Morang), CRPC (Sindhuli) and CPCR (Dolakha)

lundi 11 janvier 2016

CPCS - Meisjes Center - Center for Girls

Het CPCS Centrum voor Meisjes biedt plaats aan 40 meisjes. De socialisatie en revalidatie fase duurt zo lang als het meisje het nodig heeft en tot ze terug kan gaan naar haar familie of een alternatieve oplossing. Het kind kan ook doorgroeien naar het schoolprogramma.Dit programma is onderdeel van het revalidatieprogramma, waar het meisje sociaal wordt geïntegreerd door middel van kunst, onderwijs, sport en psychologische steun. Er is ook een revalidatieprogramma dat zich specifiek tot meisjes en hun problemen richt. Dankzij het «terug naar school» programma, hebben bijna alle meisjes de weg naar school gevonden. Ze leefden op straat of werden door de politie of andere organisaties aan ons toevertrouwd. Ze komen allemaal uit zeer moeilijke omstandigheden: straatleven, huiselijk geweld of slachtoffer van de aardbevingen van 25 april en 12 mei 2015.

dimanche 10 janvier 2016

Family Reunification of a girl

Karuna (Change Name) found in Charikot Bazar and police found her and District Women Development Officer and local NGO Sneh Kendra jointly refferal to us CPCS. she stay with us and we are able to find her family members and they are come to received her and we hand over to her with father and younger sister from District Police Office Dolakha on 9 Jan 2016

Meeting with Local Social Actors - 9 Jan 2016

CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center Charikot Dolakha organize meeting with LSA (part-time social workers) from different CLASS (CPCS Local Action Support and Services) programs on 9 Jan 2016.There were five LSAs participant and discuss on current issues. Mainly meeting focus on Children regularity in class, warm clothes distribution, education tools, etc...