dimanche 28 février 2016

Group and Individual counseling

Group and individual counseling  session during school holiday at Dillibazar Center for schooling children and rehab  on Feb 28 2016. In group counseling children make drawing and good performer get incentive chocolate . There were 9 children. Through group counseling, children disclose their desire to sit in  individual counseling session.  

Dipesh reunification 21 Feb 2016

Dipesh 10yrs old from Nawalparashi Keladi VDC came in CPCS Sept 10 2015 . He is studying in class one .He was sent by 104 . We sent staff to find his home . Staff can find his home when he was going to  visit family . Then we send him with his family . His step mother used to beat him so he left home .

Children Picnic in Chobhar...

There are 22 children studying in Gyan Bikash Lower Secondary school. They went picnic from school yesterday 27 2016 at Chobhar Kathmandu. They were 60 children participated in picnic. They contributed Rs400 each. They passed 6 hours over there in picnic. They enjoy sigh seeing as well.  They were happy. 

jeudi 25 février 2016

Counselling services for Children !

CPCS uses various methods to expose children pain and gain in centers. Children are coming from different background/ places of the country facing various problems; family, poverty , violence, abuses and  disaster.They  are living in CPCS Centers. During their stay, they get many services; socialization classes, awareness classes ,health check up, legal support, family visit,family reunification, child right classes,games and sports and counseling. 

Search of long lasting water source for rehabilitation center Dolakha

Because of long lasting support of children at risk CPCS conclude to make own house as rehab purpose which is lies in Deurali area of Dolakha. Where some buildings are under the construction which could be  suitable for staying  proposed from coming month. So CPCS team searching long term source of  water. By the help of villagers and reliable resource of the village we able to finding water source which is lies 650 meters far from our construction side (own Land and Building). The water source comes from jungle. It is community jungle. If  the jungle committee agree to provide this source of water for our rehabilitation center which becoming long lasting source of water. By using such water source we have to conduct many meetings  with villagers as well as jungle  committee.

mercredi 24 février 2016

Rehab Center Dolakha going up

People are build six fit more or less height of the first house and Another house's working people were busy to tie up tie bim at deurali. The house construction is going up and continue construction.

General health check up and personal hygiene awareness

CPCS paramedical persons organize general helth for the those small students who are getting support for class dolakha. Students and their parents were from Balmandir Primary school.

CPCS Medic- gasblasthing

Hari -name changed- is a19year old boy who was a frequently visitor in CPCS since many  years. He was in the rehabilitation progam  in CPCS  and followed a training course as kitchen helper when  he was 16,

He found a job in a small local restaurant and was very satisfied with  his job,Because of the shortage he had to manage what ever he could. A bad quality gas cylinder blasted and he had seriously burning wounds on the face and his hands, His boss is blaming him for the accident and kicked him out.so he came to CPCS for help. After a check up in the hospital he cane to the Recovery Center for further treatnent.

mardi 23 février 2016

Gore Tamang passed away - Rest in peace little friend

Today at 7 pm  , Gore Tamang  passed away at  Venus Hospital  Baneshwor  He was suffering from  unknown diseases . He was coming from pashupati area . He was originally from Lahan . He was 14 yrs old . He was from street pashupati area . He was getting treatment in Pashupati Baidhyakhana  Hospital in Pashuapti  but his condition was poor so street fellow called us for further treatment .  We have no contact with family . Last night we received him from  Pashupati Baidhyakhana  Hospital and took him to Bir hospital but there was no ventilator so he referred to Venus hospital. He admitted in Venus hospital  at 11pm yesterday  . We will go to collect paper from police and perform last right .

CPCS Recovery Center

CPCS (Child Protection Centers and Services) geeft 24/24 medische zorg voor straatkinderen. De medische zorg gaat van brandwonden tot hondenbeten, van schurft naar SOA's. Hoe wreed het ook klinkt. Werkende kinderen worden bedreigd door "de gevaren van het straatleven". Dit gaat van hondenbeten naar voedsel of verkoopbare spullen zoals plastiek, conserven, papier, Van agressie met je vrienden op straat, van confrontatie met politie of  andere belangen groepen... Beelden zeggen altijd meer dan woorden... Dit is het werk dat CPCS doet. Kijk even mee...

CPCS Fieldwork and Medical Team - No money, no treatment...

Bikash, a street worker of CPCS, found on his daily round G. T. - 14 years old - in the park around Pashupatinath. G. T. was unconscious and this already for 3 days. Bikash called the emergency line of CPCS and the medical team arrived quickly. The boy was taken to Bir hospital, where doctors determined that he was in critical condition and therefore he had to be on the ventilator. There was no ventilator free nor in Bir hospital or in other state hospitals. The boy was taken to Venus hospital (a private hospital) in Baneshwor where 40,000 rupees had to be put on the "counter." No 40,000 rupees - no treatment. This is the harsh reality in Nepal. G. T. is now on the ventilator and get's good care.

Bikash, een straathoekwerker van  CPCS, vond G.T. – 14 jaar oud – in het park rond Pashupatinath. G.T. was bewusteloos en dit reeds gedurende 3 dagen. Bikash belde de emergencyline van CPCS en het medische team kwam snel ter plaatse. De jongen werd naar Bir hospital gebracht waar de dokters vaststelden dat hij zijn toestand kritiek was en hij bijgevolg aan de beademingsmachine moest. Er was er geen beademingsmachine vrij noch in Bir hospital noch in andere staatsziekenhuizen. De jongen werd overgebracht naar Venus hospital (een prive ziekenhuis) in Baneshwor waar 40.000 rupees op de “toog” moest gelegd worden. Geen 40.000 rupees – geen behandeling. Dit is de harde realiteit in Nepal. G.T. ligt nu aan de  beademing en is in goede handen...

CPCS Fieldwork - Street based baby

 Ritu (name changed) is a 15 year old street based girl. Her baby was nearly born on the street. The CPCS Field and medical team brought her to Thapathali (the Government Maternity Hospital) where she gave birth to a underweight  baby. Ritu has fysical problems and both, mother and baby are under treatment in the hospital.

Sifal Drop In Center movie visit

Street based children went to the cinema Hall in Chahabel, 24 street based children participated the cultural program.

Psychosocial counseling in the DIC - Sifal

Psychosocial counseling is a tool that helps street kids talk about the pain and frustrations they experience by living on the streets. A psychologist let them talk about their fears, problems, hopes and dreams. There are 3 counselors working in CPCS.

Morning exercise in the Rehabilitation Center for boys in Dillibazar

Morning exercise in the Rehabilitation Center for boys in Dillibazar.

lundi 22 février 2016

Shanker journey from CPCS to Home !

I'm from Hetauda. I'm 17 years now.  We were living in small hut. My parents lived in Hetauda and my brother lived in Narayangarh . After sometimes, we also moved to Narayangarh with my brother. My parents had done bother’s weeding and he moved with his wife in separate room.  My brother behaved us badly and Father started to drink alcohol. Mother shocked by brother behavior and died. After mother died 
Father  was sick for few days and died of paralysis.

Morang program

In Morang (ORCHID - Organization for Child Development), There are 250 kids are studying in 6 different CLASS center. Most of the kids are from the poor, labour and farmer family. Our LSA and School management committee organized different activities for the kids.
They managed daily tuition (supported) class, snacks for supported kids. Monthly meeting with parents and school teachers about progress and needed.

CPCS International support for all program. Our Local staffs visit those CLASS center time to time and providing awareness class , health and personal hygiene class for children.

vendredi 19 février 2016

Dolakha Rehab Centre at Deurali (work progress)

Scar of labor  since last month contractor working in new house but they  brought additional labors who are start the work for damage house.  Now they cross more than three fits wall in house I where they keep door stand and preparing window stand. Some of the selected photos: (On the way People contributing for community Buildings at Photos: Last two Photos)

jeudi 18 février 2016

Support expansion by CPCR through CPCS

18 Feb 2016, CPCS and CPCR (Local NGO) participant in meeting of  Tikhatal primary school. Students are getting support for their education, health and other emergency issues even it was small no. of seats students in that school. In the meeting Headmaster, School Management Committee chairman and Teacher Staffs also participated.Today CPCR annouance that  support for 25 seats of students in Tikhatal school which is passed from school and School Management Team side. Now they will select students for the Class Tiklhatal and One LSA.

Visit Gauri Shanakar Children Home Dolakha

 18 Feb 2016: CPCS Regional  Rehabilitation Center Team visited Local Orphanage home operating by Nepal Children Association named Gauri Shankar Children Home, Where we meet with Center Chief and discuss about the current situation of children in local area. Due to earth quake many children still suffering by many psychological affects. In the home there are 8 children and 2 staffs. The home capacity was staying No.of 50 children.  They have 4 homes but last earth quake make damaged 3 homes. They are near by Charikot with 95 Ropanies land area.

situation review and meeting by CPCS Dolakha with Mahendrodaya Higher Secondary School Mati Team

Mahendrodaya Higher secondary school mati is not so far from district headquarter charikot, Dolakha. It is 7 Km. far from Charikot .School has Class ECD to class 12 no. of total students are around 392 no. of staffs and teacher including headmaster are 18,Junior classes running in difficult situation. There is not reach  any  NGO/INGOs after making TLC.It is totally earthquake quake affected school.what District Education Office provide from Government side that is all for repairing classes and building.

Deurali Meeting 17Feb. 2016

Deurali, Feb17, 2016, Meeting with Deurali school Parents On following Agendas:
 1.  Additional School Class room .
 2.  Ambulance Program and facility
 3.  Early Childhood Development Class
  4. Special Afternoon Snacks for

Most of the parents are participated in the meeting they purposed their self for the improvement of school kids snacks and  they committed  help to  the additional class room making program. When they listen about the Ambulance Facility purpose they were clapping by happiness. ECD also useful for the local community,  CPCS should effort for the  Approval from District Education Office concern with ECD.

CLASS Center visit and distributed a book related earthquake safety.

On February 17 , 2016 we visited  to three class centers: CLASS Pharping (Shree Pharping Higher Secondary School), Chalanakhel (Shree Chalnakhel Lower Secondary School), Kirtipur (Shree Adinath Secondary School). 

CPCS is supporting 25 kids in each school. Most of the kids are from poor,  labour and migrated family. We are supporting to them school cost , uniform, stationary, hygiene stuffs, snacks, tuition class, family awareness, health check up etc.  

In this time we distributed a book related earthquake safety to all the students, teachers and the school management. We conducted drawing classes as well. They were extremely happy to see us.  

mardi 16 février 2016

meeting with headmaster and LSA /sweeter distribution.

CPCS Regional Office Dolakha,16 Feb. 2016, Participant in meeting with headmaster and LSA of class Vedikhor school named: Bhumeshwori primary school running class 1, 2, 3. Today LSA distribute sweeter to all children it was supported by CPCS. CPCS supported all students of the school through Class Vedikhor.Most of the parents were participated in the program. Parents received  children sweeter for their children.

dimanche 14 février 2016

CPCS Rehabilitation Centre (Dolakha) - New updates

Deurali, new house for rehab is continue construction, complete foundation.

CLASS Kritipur (Shree Adinath Secondary School) program visit.

13th Feb 2016 , We went in CLASS Kritipur. School organized "Saraswati Puja" and other program. School invited to CPCS for this program.
We meet with school management, government bodies, supported children and their parents.
School award to all organization, who ware supported earthquake time for school and kids.
In CLASS Kritipur, there are 30 students are studying through CPCS support.

CLASS Balaju, Halchok and Kalanki visit program.

12th Feb 2016 , We went in CLASS Balaju, Halchok and Kalanki. We meet with School head master, LSA and Children.
We discuss with them about our program and support. In Kalanki head master told school is full damaged so they have difficulties for running regular class. There are 640 kids.
In halchok, there are also TLC they have no any room. Now school also used 1 office room by rent. There are also 350 students.
In Balaju, There are now good situation but some class running in TLC because there are more then 600 children but school room is not enough.
We are supporting in those 3 school 90 students (Through CLASS  / RSS Program). We are providing regular class, Dress, School kit , Snacks, Awareness class, Medical support for them.

mercredi 10 février 2016

Soutien aux écoles dans le District de Dolakha !

Le district de Dolakha fut touché de plein fouet par le deuxième tremblement de terre, le 12 mai... Sur 396 écoles, 390 sont fortement ou totalement détruites... En visite dans la région, CPCS a décidé d'y renforcer sa présence et son action... Pour l'instant, 520 écoliers et 520 familles y sont soutenues, épaulées, par une vingtaine de collaborateurs ; un centre de réhabilitation permet à une 40 aine d'enfants abandonnés, perdus, orphelins ou autre de se reconstruire ; un service médical assure un appui d'urgence aux bénéficiaires ; une trentaine d'écoles ont reçus des Kits éducatifs complets (jeux, livres, crayons, coussins, armoire, etc...), 5 écoles un cash support pour aider à reconstruire une structure temporaire etc....; et notre centre de réhabitation est en construction (reconstruction) Avec l'appui et l'accord du gouvernement et des autorités du district, et le soutien de nos partenaires, nous allons également renforcer l'appui alimentaire à deux des centres CLASS (CPCS Local Action Support and Services), assurer la construction de trois classes à proximité de notre futur centre, lancer 5 programmes pilotes ECD (Early Childhood Development) pour 100 enfants (enfants de 3 à 5, soutenu par une structure style "éducation maternelle")... Il est urgent ! Très urgent d'agir ! La Chaine de l'espoir, Caritas, AHF, et de nombreux partenaires petits ou grands nous aident ! Merci !

dimanche 7 février 2016

Rabies vaccine

CPCS Regional Rehabilitation Center Dolakha Provide Rabies Vaccine to a children who was  from Lamanagi Lower Secondary School's Class three student. He is getting support from Class Lamanagi through CPCS. Dog bite him in his hand and was staying at home when LSA suggested his parents to sent CPCS and CPCS send him to PHC where getting vaccine of rabies. Now he back in his family.

mercredi 3 février 2016

CPCS shelter DIC child counseling room,..sifal
Cleaning and painting in Sifal shelter DIC,

Warm Jacket distribution !

On 2nd Feb we went to CLASS Kritipur  and CLASS Halchok .These areas are affected by  earthquake.
Most of the supported kids still live in the temporary shelter and hence they are severely affected by the cold weather. 
So we distributed warm jackets to each and every supported child of the class programs and their mothers as well. We also gave out few of the jackets to needy people of the surrounding area. They were very happy and thankful to CPCS.

mardi 2 février 2016

Street life and drugs...

Drugs never give to change,

Rabin (change name) he was street from long time now he is youth, he stayed many Organizations but he couldn't stay very well because he has drugs habits, last 6 months ago he was in Center jell. His parents released from jell and payed 80000th  nepali rs. This morning he came in street with friends and took drugs after 6 months he took too much and over doz. our social worker saw to hem and take care on the street, that youth has so lucky...slowly he came normal. he was from pashupati area.

Awareness Class ! in the Socialisation Centre !

CPCS street based children , awareness class