lundi 30 mai 2016

School Kit Distribution and Parents Meeting in CLASS Sindhuli Janajoti higher secondary school phosretar.

We have provide  bag and school kit  to 25 children in Janajoti higher secondary school phosretar.This is new CLASS center we have supported 25 in this center.All children are low cast and very poor condition.

dimanche 29 mai 2016

After distribution group picture with kids

Field visit in sindhuli bus park area and found street children.

School Kit Distribution and Parents Meeting in CLASS Sindhuli

Today we have meeting with teacher and school kit distribution kamala higher secondary school.

School Kit Distribution and Parents Meeting in CLASS Kalanki and Halchok

On 29th May 2016,
According to our plan, We went to CLASS Kalanki and CLASS Halchok and we did parents meeting and we distributed School kit of the supported children. We discussed with parents and children about their education. In CLASS Kalanki, there are 32 supported children and in CLASS Halchok there are 27 supported children. 
In our both CLASS center our LSA are taking regular classes and providing regular snacks. Children s are regular in the school because of the snacks. 

samedi 28 mai 2016

The Sindhuli Prevention and Rehab project ! (250 kids supported) (News from the field)

250 children supported and back to School ! Sindhuli has a rehab section, medical support, family-based care service and a temporary child protection center (for short term staying children at risks...) 

vendredi 27 mai 2016

regular activities with students and parents

Our staffs doing interraction program with students and parents all class center has regular program like hygiene improvement, health class from paramedical person, child rights, link buid up with school and teacher and so on.......

Morang-based programs (prevention and rehab - news from the field)

25 May 2016,
There are 50 students who are getting support. Students are enrolling in Kabir Secondary school belabari Morang. Such students will gets snacks and minimum one hour guidance in office daily. When they finish their daily school time than they will visit us in office. Our staffs also go in school to pick up them from school for the snacks and tuition classes daily. Parents are happy and interested with this program. They are agreeing to send their kids in our office. These children are small and younger.

Class Itahari Children geting their school kit

27 May 2016, CLass Itahari children received school kit supported by CPCS INT, There are 25 children. In the distribution program parents teacher and Orchid staffs were participate. Our staffs take one hour empowerment class for children and parents.

jeudi 26 mai 2016

Rehabilitation center for street based children in Morang District

Due to many social causes and circumstances children come in street where they spend their time with high risk. By the aim of risk reduction of such children, CPCS INT makes implementation partner many organization in Nepal. Short term Emergency rehabilitation center ensure them reduce their risk at current time.
From the rehabilitation center mainly street base children who are under the high risk they will come for the emergency support as well as  we will manage parents meeting, Rapid building with school teacher, social worker, Authority, police, Child Right Officer, Social development officer, local people and many more stakeholder.
Field work/ Outreach program  reach us root cause of the problem, By the case analysis and discussion make able to problem solving of particular child. Our Rehabilitation Center focus on field work and direct meeting with them who has need of our support. We are trying to build child friendly rehabilitation center in Morang where street base children and at  risk children are come for sharing their problem. Our rehabilitation center working for best interest of the children at risk.
From the prevention program children also come in rehab where they get tuition class and afternoon snack every day. During the public holiday children come for games and sport, meeting and learning homework from school.
In the old house there was not enough space cause we shift our office from Belbari to Lalbhitti from month of may 2016.

mercredi 25 mai 2016

DIC children class ,

21 street based children are taking Class in DIC  Some children have really nice condition to read and wright. 

mardi 24 mai 2016

CLASS Banepa School Kit Distribution Program

23rd May 2016, We went CLASS Banepa and distributed School Kit for children. School Headmaster (Azad Secondary School) and LSA involved in the program. School is completely damaged. All students are studying TLC. There are 30 children studying through CPCS support. All parents are labour. Our Shiva (HA) Sir take small awareness class for parents and kids about personal hygiene.

Small kids learning draw

Daily snacks and juice providing

Awareness class and playing with children(Reginal office in sindhuli)

Children playing after class in our office in sindhuli.

Awareness class About Child right and abuse case ( Regional center Sindhuli)

lundi 23 mai 2016

School Bag,Stationary and hygiene stuffs received from CPCS INT for chidren at risk

2016 May, Government School’s students who are under the risk reduction program supported by CPCS INT in many school of Morang District of Nepal. As implementing partner ORCHID organization Morang caring those students. Selected students will get support from CPCS INT like stationary, Hygiene, school bag, uniforms, yearly cost of the school as well as other things depend upon their needs. During the distribution of such needs of children, parents,  school teacher, CPCS INT Representative and local organization representative also will be participant in the program. There are such class centers
Class Belbari  with LSA………………50 students
Class Lalbhitti…………..…………….50 students
Class Koshiharaicha with LSA……….50 Students
Class Ithari with LSA…………………25 Students
Class Bayarban with LSA……………..25 Students
Class Birtamod with LSA….………….50 Students
Class Jhapa with LSA…………………25 Students
Class Dhanpal with LSA………………25 Students 

Drinking water fitting in Morang Rehabilitation Center

Orchid organization implementation of emergency rehabilitation center  for children at risk through CPCS INT  support when children in rehab they get sport, education and entertainment ,Main aim of the rehab is reduce risk of the children and family and society connection. 

field work

School Kit Distribution Program in Balaju.

CLASS BALAJU School Kit Distribution for the Kids. There are 25 children studying through CPCS support. Most of the children are poor and migrated family. We are organize time to time family support meeting, Awareness class, health check up program for them.  

School Kit Distribution program in CLASS Mulpani.

mardi 17 mai 2016

Parents meeting And Bag,education materials distribute.

Ambulance for Dolakha ! Supported by the Rotary Club of Brussels, Paris, London, etc. (R6)

CPCS International will very soon start an health program with ambulance services targeting local resident specially  disadvantages children from Suspa Kshamawati VDC.
Ambulance is expected  to reach  in Dolakha on July 2016. Ambulance will be  branded TATA 4X4 four wheel drive which is suitable for hill and mountain drive. Dolakha district is mountainous region and most affected by devastating earthquakes 2015. People are facing problem of  livelihood and health.

dimanche 15 mai 2016

Regular Meeting with parents and Awareness Class for kids in Morang

Regular Monthly meeting with parents and awareness program for children in Morang. In Morang, there are 300 children in different 8 CLASS Center. Our Local staffs, LSA and team organized to them daily home work support class, awareness class, snacks, monthly parents meeting, time to time home visit, link with school management and local body etc.

CLASS Center Visit, Health Check Up and Awareness Program

Health Check Up and Awareness Program in CLASS Kalanki and CLASS Kritipur , CLASS Halchok visit. There are 25 children in each CLASS center. We are visit time to time in those CLASS center and organized Health check up, Awareness class, meeting with parents, meeting with school management.

mardi 10 mai 2016

Police send street children in cpcs DIC

Police arrested 15 street children with out convene in pashupati area , they are around 10 years to 26 years old , 2 girls also. All children are not happy  with governments policy   Now they are in our DIC programs and feel happy and save.