jeudi 30 juin 2016

mercredi 29 juin 2016

Class Lalbhitti Parents meeting

School , Parents and students has good and active participation and exchange help each other. Under Class lalbhitti, there are 50 students who are getting support. All students parents were participant in the meeting.Meeting was in our office belbari Morang.

Parents meeting in Class Itahari Sunsari

Class Itahari conducting regular parents meeting on 28 June 2016
There were 19 parents of 25 children and 24 children were participate.

mardi 28 juin 2016

Snacks providing in Class Lalbhitti

There are 50 students under our support we provide them daily afternoon snacks
It is Kabir Secondary school, Belbari Morang

Children in Rehab during Tuition

When children come in Rehab for tuition class. they make different types of activities some time they performs Story telling, some time they listen miss about personal hygiene maintenance,
During this time they play different types games they spend with us 5-6 hours finally they take their afternoon snacks and back home.

Sindhuli and Morang District Project Advisory Committee ( DPAC )meeting on 23-24 June 2016

CPCS organized its District Project Advisory Committee (DPAC) meeting in Sindhuli and Morang on 23rd  and 24th  June 2016 respectively. Program was chaired by Local Development Officer Mr Ishwor Kumar Giri and  Mr Narayan Prasad Mainali  from respective districts;  Sindhuli and Morang . DPAC meeting is provisioned  by Project Agreement (PA) for analyzing, evaluating, monitoring and qualifying project activities in district for the sake of stakeholder children and parents as well as coordination and network with local government bodies. Program was organized by CPCS International. Child Protection Officer, Child Right Officer ,Woman Children Development Officer, District Education Officer and  District Public Health  Officer and District Superintendent of  Police attended the meeting and opined about  CPCS programs and activities. They highlighted  the child selection process for education support , child parents support , rehabilitation of children at risk, project sustainability and budget . CPCS -INT representative replied the question raised by authorities during the meeting. As per government rules, DPAC should be organized by INGO in every six month. 


lundi 27 juin 2016

Community Police sent a boys for shelter in rehab center sindhuli.

Community Police sent a boys for shelter.He is runway from school.Police and our staff searching his family.

CPCS INT organized District Advisory committee meeting in sindhuli.

CPCS INT and CRPC Nepal organized DPAC meeting in sindhuli. First of all  we introduction than  We are discussed about program in sindhuli.we have also talking the emergency rehab center.They are feel need in sindhuli.
                                                  Participants in DPAC Meeting
DCWB,CDO Office,WCDO,DPHO,Municipality,DEO,District Police Office,CPCS International,CRPC Nepal.

Meeting with school in Morang District and CLASS Sunsari on 24 June 2016

CPCS team visit different CLASS Centers in Morang  and Sunsari ; Mahendra high school , Kabir High school, Janasewa High school and Bhagwati high school  and CLASS  Sunsari  . Team was scheduled to organize district project advisory committee DPAC meeting in Morang and Sindhuli . Team visit school and interact with teacher/ head master after DPAC meeting on 24 June 2016

mercredi 22 juin 2016

Teacher Meeting and bag distribution in Ramechap district and medical camp.

Ramechap is next district 60 K.m far from sindhuli. We have already supported 30 kids from 2010.There are leaving very poor and low cast cast people.School management fully helped to our program.They are participate every meeting.

mardi 21 juin 2016

CCWB Guidelines, Government

Today some few personals from CCWB came to visit CPCS to talk about the new guidelines of 2072 and also to do some revision regarding the implementation of the guidelines with the DIC staffs. 

lundi 20 juin 2016

Family Reunification , From DIC

Today two boys we send with their family, We convinced with their family and boys about street life. Their family and their kids are so happy to see and meet family.  One boy He started to crying see to his family.  

vendredi 17 juin 2016

Child Gov, DIC

Children are making rules and regulation about daily act, class and system of DIC ,
And they make team of Arts groups, Music Group and Sports group,  Re , street arts group;  

Sports activities ,

DIC Morning Ex, sports act, 

Bad Cleaning and Change new bad cover in DIC cpcs

dimanche 12 juin 2016

Three Children rescue from Hotel Charikota, Dolakha

On 12 June 2016, three children are rescued from Charikota Hotel, whom are under 14 years. Now they are living CPCR Center office Deurail, Dolakha for shelter. Nepali police, Annapurna Post , Plan International, CPCS international, CPCR, CWIN, Sathi, DCWB, WMO, world vision, Cartes-Nepal, Aawaj Nepal, Local FM, and New paper are participated in that program

jeudi 9 juin 2016

Meeting with Kids at Janata school Itahari

It was nepal Banda (Strake )by politicians but in the regular field work we met with children in Janata school. They come in our office  for meeting playing and taking classes as well as additional activities:

Some photo of Deurail Center Office, Dolakha

First parents meeting in Mati Class program

We organized first parents meeting in Mati class program.  School principle, LSA and 27 parents are actively participated in this meeting.  We brief our organization rules and philosophy. All parents and teacher are happy with our program.  Parents, principal and LSA built new system for Meeting. They fixed parents meeting date in First week Friday in a month. All parents commitment  sent to school for their kids as well as they come in parents meeting

CPCR Dolakha organized Health Awareness program in Mahendradoya Higher Secondary school, Mati Dolakha

CPCR Dolakha organized Health Awareness program in Mahendradoya Higher Secondary school, Mati Dolakha. Topic of Health awareness is Diarrhoea & common cold.  School principle, 20 Teacher, 27 parents, 245 children and School management are participated in this program.  Clinic staffs give health awareness about Diarrhoea & common cold causes, symptoms, treatment & prevention in the program. 

mercredi 8 juin 2016

some organization and Government authority body visited in our Deurail Center Office Dolakha.

School Kit Distribute in Mahendrodaya Higher Secondary School, Mati Dolakha

Museum Visits, cpcs DIC 8 june 016

There are 13 children 2 staffs went to visits in chhauni Museum. children are so excited to see that kind of historical statue, They went 11 am to 2 pm , 3 hours.

Health Awareness class for kids

Our team provide snacks to children who were from class lalbhitti Morang. they comes daily in office for snacks and tuition class during tuition class some time time drawing sometime alphabetical, socialization some time health hygiene awareness So to day our team provide  hygiene awareness classes for children, there were 48 children two school teacher participate in the program facilitator were from our team:

Parents meeting and School kit distribution program in Bhaktapur.

On 7th June 2016, We went to CLASS Khwop and CLASS Sudal, Bhaktapur. We did parents meeting and we distributed School kit of the supported children. 25 children are supported In those CLASS center. We informed to parents about children s personal hygiene and regularity of school. Both schools head master also involved in the program.   All children s and parents are happy. They thankful to CPCS.

During the class time

Children from Class Lalbhitti, During the class time they express their happiness from diffidence way like drawing, playing, group discussion, talking with seniors.................

Class Lalbhitti children come for snacks at afternoon

How tasty! they were having rice pudding during the afternoon time.when the school breaks for tiffin all 50 50 students will come from school to our office we provide them snacks and homework check up time and they back to school where their parents or elder sisters and brothers will take them to house. All supported students are from class 1 or 2, they are between 4 to 6 years old. Parents said due to snacks and homework check up program children exciting to come school regularly.Due to busy highway risk our two staffs pick up and send children to school daily.

Sick boy referral to Hospital

Mausam  Puri 8 Years old. since last Friday 3 June 2016, he is admitted in Koshi Anchal Hospital. He is suffering by Allergy Reacting. He is from Class koshi Haraicha LSA Sunita  Neupane referral to us and we admitted him in Koshi Anchal Hospital (Governement Hospital). He is studies in Mahendra Secondary school, class  2 Koshiharaicha Morang.

mardi 7 juin 2016

School Kits Distribution in Tikhatal Lower Secondary School, Tikhatal, Dolakha

Class program and Early children Development (ECD) program are supporting by CPCS-INT in Tikhatal Lower secondary school, Tikhatal, Dolakha.  25 children are in Class program and 13 kids are in ECD program.
Today, we distribute school kit for 25 children. In this time all children’s parents, School Teacher, School Management  and principal are participated in this program.

CPCR Organization Organized Farewell program for Our Foreign Freinds in Deurail Center Office,Dolakha

A child-friendly nice environnement for children staying in the Rehab centre at Deurali (Dolakha)

Health Awareness Program in Budhha Primary School, Deurali

ON June 6 2016 CPCR Regional office Dolakha organized Health awareness program & General health check up for children in Buddha primary school. Topic of Health Awareness program is Diarrhoea. In program school principle School Teacher, clinic staffs, and children are participated.  Clinic staffs give health teaching about Diarrhoea causes, symptoms treatment & prevention of diarrhea. Clinic staffs give idea to make ORS and supply ORS to all participants in the program. In this season Diarrhoea is a main health problem of this community child.

dimanche 5 juin 2016

Street based children - Itahari

Introduction program with street based children at Itahari Municipality at the border of Morang Sunsari District.
Open activities like drawing, singing and story telling were organized.
It was 40 degrees so it was refreshing to spend some time in the park. The program ended with a lunch in a local restaurant.