samedi 30 juillet 2016

On July 30, 2016 organized LSA (Local social Actor) meeting in Deurail Center office, Dolakha

On July 30, 2016 organized LSA (Local social Actor) meeting in Deurail Center office, Dolakha. Manuka Karki(Deurail), Tej Bahadur Karki(Lamanagi ), Tulasha Siwakoti(Lamanagi), Sukuni Thami(Bhedikhor), Yagya Kumari Tuladhar(Dolakha), Shanta Pandey(Mati), Muna Ale Magar(Kutidanda), Chetana Pandey(Charikot), Gopini Thami(Lapilang), Aasha Shrstha(Kshamawati) , Janaki Shrestha(Tikhatal) , Dabal Pandey (president ) and  ours CPCR staffs are activity participating in the meeting . We are discussing about school admission, Dress and Regular budget, report as well as kids attendance day in class program.

jeudi 28 juillet 2016

Regular meeting in class koshiharaicha

There are 50 students in koshiharaicha. All parents were actively participate in the meeting. They own organize the meeting where our staff and LSA facilitation the program.

parents meeting in rehab center

50 students from Kabir Secondary school their parents were participant in the meeting . we discuss in meeting on following topics:
a. Regular operation of tuition class in the center.
b. Parents should come for children pick up and drop in the center
c. Aware about child hygiene by paramedical staff.

meeting with LSA (Local Social Actor)

LSAs from class Belbari and Class Dhanpal were come to share their progress. We are discuss on tuition class and community involvement in the program.Our concern was in regular class in center.

mardi 26 juillet 2016

Parents Meeting Class Dhanpal

South of Balbari municipality Morang ,7 Km far, where Dhanpal school lies where CPCS INT supported 25 students.Today with facilitation of LSA indramani pokharel done parents meeting The meeting agenda was regular class and quality education for children. parents were participated even there was heavy rain and flood.

Children back home with parents

Due to school vacation , Children come in rehab center at morning around 10:00 AM and they involve in various activities. When they back their home parents are come to pick up them some time parents becoming busy in their job we staffs serve to children for reaching their home. Most of the parents are based on construction labor as well as farming in other's land,

Kit distribution and Health Check up Program in CLASS Dhalko

On 26th July 2016, We visit CLASS Dhalko for kit distribution. At the same time we did health check up program, activities for children and parents meeting. There are 25 children studying through CPCS. All Children family are migrated. They used to stay in rented room and most of the family are daily labour. Padam sir managed health check up program and health awareness Class.  We discussed with parents about children education and their health.

CRPC Nepal Sindhuli,Emergency Rehab Program and family reunification.

This week, it is very heavy reined in Sindhuli.Some house was damaged of our supported children. Two days stayed Ganga Bdr basel,Ram B.K,Milan Ramtel,And Asmita Basel.After two days they are reunification.

dimanche 24 juillet 2016

LSA meeting of CLASS Lahan

We have done meeting with CLASS Lahan LSA.After meeting we sent Bag and education


samedi 23 juillet 2016

14 years CPCS - The Celebration !!!

14th anniversary  was  organized by  CPCS on  Saturday, 23 July, 2016 in CPCS  office premises at  Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. The partner organizations, APC ,  UCEP, YCSC,  Shangri-la Home,  children  performed their talent  during the program. 215 children, neighbors, organization representatives, volunteers  and CPCS staff attended the event.
Bijay Adhikari was the anchor men. The afternoon started with the national anthem. President Bijesh Shrestha welcomed all the guests in a short speech. YCSC, UCEP,  Kids Shangrila and CPCS children performed dances, drama and rap on the stage.  The Birthday cake was cut by the president and children.

All the children, youth, staff and guests were happy and enjoyed this marvelous and vivid program.

Thanks to the CPCS team for the great organization! Hearty thanks to the kitchen team for the delicious food! 

vendredi 22 juillet 2016

Mahendra school children

 Mahendra Higher secondary school Koshiharaicha children are participate in afternoon activities in our rehab center. They were come along with LSA Sunita Neupane.
They self organize quiz context, dance competition, self-talent approach,   making snack  where Rewati tiwari facilitate to the children.

mercredi 20 juillet 2016

Children learning speaking Skills (Awareness)

Children are learning how to give own introduction to the people. In the beginning they were  shy with us now they perfectly express their name and address with us, They learn many additional activities from our social worker like Dance, Singing, on.

mardi 19 juillet 2016

Orchid Rehab Activities

Class Lalbhitti Children are comes for various activities in Our Rehab during the day they takes class playing as well as involve in games and sport

14th anniversary of CPCS

Dear Friends of CPCS,

Today is an important day for CPCS.
On July 19, 2002, fourteen years ago, the shelter Chandrodaya opened his doors in Kalanki.

That day twelve street based children found their way to the shelter ... Sher Bahadur, Bimal, Shankar, Prem Malla Shyam, Kaji, Bharat, Dile, Rupesh, Roshan jive ... It was the start of an encounter with hundreds of children and young people in our centers, on the streets, in their work situation, in the field, in their villages. We shared joy and pain, listened to their stories, try to find solutions...

From that day on CPCS pursued his work for and with the children of the street, children living in high-risk situations and young people in need.

I wish that CPCS may continue to grow and learn. Here in Nepal and also in other countries.

It was sometimes hard, very hard to face all the problems of those young lives but there are also wonderful memories.

I salute the great work of CPCS.
I salute my colleagues and the team. Together we stood side by side to tackle the problems of street life. These people are very precious to me.

My tribute goes to the souls who lost their lives far too young on the street. I hope they find peace wherever they may be.

Congratulations to all the children, staff and donor partners on this wonderful 14 year anniversary. Thank you all for the support and the great cooperation.

Bijesh Shrestha

President CPCS

Child Protection Centers and Services


samedi 16 juillet 2016

cpcs girls center  celebrate of birthday of muskan Gimire and usha Tamang  they were happy

vendredi 15 juillet 2016

Organize parents meeting and kit distribute for kids in City office, Charikot, Dolakha

 50 kids are supporting by CPCS International in class program Charikot, Dolakha. Today we organize parents meeting in city office Charikota, Dolakha. There are 44 parents and 49 kids, LSA, and 3 CPCR staffs are participating   in meeting. We also distribute kit in that time. Some children are playing indoor games likes Ludo and Carromboard in the city office, Dolakha

mercredi 13 juillet 2016

Kit distribution program in CLASS Sanothimi.

On 13th July 2016, We visited CLASS Sanothimi for kit distribution. At the same time we did  program, activities for children and parents meeting.25 Parents and 4 teachers are involved in the program.  We managed activities for children. We discussed with parents about children education and their personal hygiene. There are studying 25 CLASS program and 3 RSS supported children. Most of the children's family used to stayed in Manohara river bank (slum area). 

Pancake party Deurali-Dolakha

mardi 12 juillet 2016

Kit distribution , Health Check up and Parents meeting in CLASS Budhanilkantha

mardi 5 juillet 2016

Games and Class for children

Children from Kabir Secondary School Belbari have snacks and tuition class. There is also entertainment with different educational and fun games.

Class Belbari meeting

Class Belbari conducting meeting with children and parents in the topic of ongoing program. School teacher and parents are actively participation in the meeting.

Class Birtamod activities

Class Birtamod monthly meeting with the parents. This month: awareness about viral flu that plagues the area. Information about does and don'ts provided by the nurse.

Class Jhapa - Parents' meeting

Class Jhapa - parents meeting, Discussion about medical problems and improvement for the education of the kids.

lundi 4 juillet 2016

Meeting With LSA in Kathmandu

We did Meeting with LSA of Kathmandu. CLASS Chalnakhel, CLASS Dhalko, CLASS Halchok and CLASS Budhanilkantha LSA participated in the program. We discussed about report and regular class for supported children. They submitted June month report.

samedi 2 juillet 2016

Family Reunification

Community police sent a boys (Ashok) for shelter.He is 8 years old.His father worked in aboard.
He has staying with mother.His mother did not care to him so runway.We searching his family and  found mother after eight day.We have convened to mother than he back to home.

vendredi 1 juillet 2016

School Kits distributed in Shree Kutidanda Higher Secondary School,Makibari,Dolakha

53 kids are supporting by CPCS International in Shree Kutidanda Higher Secondary School Makaibari, Dolakha.  We distributed school kits for 53 children. In that time 53children, 52parents and school management also participated in this program.  School kits are handover by School principal and children and parents are happy in this moment as well as organized meeting with principal and LSA.

Regular Meeting with Parents and Teacher in Class Belbari

Shree Bhagawati Higher Secondary school, Class Belbari accomplished Regular Parents meeting. The meeting discussion about physical punishment and riskreduction of the children.

Meeting with Parents

Class Bayarban organize meeting with parents where teacher 1, Parents  21, others 3 and some students were participant in the meeting.