mercredi 31 août 2016

CLASS Banepa Visit

On 31st,  August we went to CLASS Banepa for uniform distribution.We did meeting with school management.
There are  7 parents  29 children and  school headmaster are involved in the program. The school Headmaster Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha hand over the uniform to kids. There are 30 children studying through CPCS support in Chaitanya Higher Secondary School, Banepa, Kavre. School is almost damaged by earthquake but not repair yet. Student are still taking class in TLC.

mardi 30 août 2016

CLASS Mulpani visit

vendredi 26 août 2016

Street Field Workers Forum Meeting in DB (SFWF)

There are 12 social workers meet and sit in Dillibazar meeting hall from 7 org, They had sharing their successes case about street field works with each others for learn. Every month they have planing to meet in different org.

Participated   org:
SF Nepal
APC Nepal
Khisi Nepal


Memory Games, CPCS DIC

16 children participated, chose on through throwing ball and send him out and remembering child change.

Hand Ball , activities CPCS DIC

21 children played hand ball , from DIC, they enjoyed with this game.

ET Hair Cut ,,, CPCS DIC

Today 12 DIC children had cut their hair.

lundi 22 août 2016

CCWB co-ordination meeting In Dillibazar DIC

CCWB and CPCS  planing to send youth for training in UCEP Nepal,They visits and talked about DIC youth and family reunification for children.

vendredi 19 août 2016

staffs Meeting at Orchid Nepal

Risk Reduction Program- Children, running in belbari Morang through CPCS INT support by Orchid Nepal. where we conducted staffs meeting. Staffs brief their idea related with program during the meeting.

class Jhapa- Parents Meeting

Class Jhapa conducted parents meeting. The meeting empower parents in their children education.

Class Birtamod parents meeting

There are 50 students who are getting support for school education. CPCS INT make various support  to those students. In this parents meeting  parents formation a committee for distribution facilities they decided for three members committee,

jeudi 18 août 2016

Awareness class and school dress measurement in CLASS Koshi Haraincha, Morang.

Today, We visited CLASS Koshi Haraincha. We gave awareness class for children and tailor master measurement school dress for kids. They are happy and regular attend the class. Noe there 50 children are studying through CPCS International donation.
In Morang, Awareness Program for Children in CLASS LALBHITTI. There are 50 children studying through local organization ORCHID. All children are from slum, labour, farmer and economical condition poor family. We are providing daily good snacks and tuition class for them. CPCS International support the all program.



vendredi 12 août 2016

UNECD , Dental programs

There are 56 children are participated on Dental programs, They started at 3:30 pm to 5 pm,
7 Students came from UNECD=(France) National union of sergeant dental student, Solidarite Nepal.
It was nice programs with kids to know about dental cheek up. Thank you UNECD team from CPCS family.    

Community Police sent a boy for emergency rehab in Sindhuli.

Community Police sent a boy for emergency rehab in Sindhuli.He is 10 years old.He has reunification from CPCS Dillibazar one year ago.Now he was going to mother house but missed the way in sindhuli buspark.

mercredi 10 août 2016

CLASS Hetauda School Kit Distrubution

School Kids handover for the supported kids in CLASS Hetauda. There are 28 children studying through CPCS support. Most of the children parents are poor, farmer and labour family. At the same time LSA give the gift pack for Roma Shrestha.

lundi 8 août 2016

Health Check Up and Awareness Class for CLASS supported Children

On 8th August 2016,We organized in CLASS Bhaktapur, Khwop and Sanothimi kids for health check up program and awareness class. We Provided Awareness class for children about personal hygiene. We did health check up program in 3 class centers supported kids. There are 25 children are studying through CPCS support.


dimanche 7 août 2016

Various activities for children in Rehab office Morang

During the day , Children are comes for various activities in Morang office. Activities likes:
Send  children with Parents
Class for awareness and others social issues classes
Alphabetical Class
Games and Sport
Snacks Providing
Medical (Vital) and First Aid
Referral to better center for medical treatment ect...

Municipality staffs sent a boy for rehab Sindhuli center.

Abinash Syangtan is 10 years old.His father had death and mother did second married.He is domestic worker.Now he is leave from working house and municipality staff sent our office for emergency rehab.

Parents Meeting in Class Dhanpal (awareness on anti smoking)

Children and their parents were actively participant in the meeting . It is third parents meeting of this class program. we interaction with parents about the children education. 18 parents were attending in the meeting. In this location most of the children from THARU community. They indigenous people of nepal.
we make awareness about anti-smoking.

Deurail Kids are participating in different activities in Deurail Center office, Dolakha

Regular parent meeting in Kutidanda Higher secondary school, Kutidanda, Dolakha

samedi 6 août 2016

Check up and referral sick child to Hospital

Most of the children are affected by viral they comes in our office to meet with paramedical person who referral sick children to health post.If the children need only first aid  whom need not to send hospital

Civil Society Meeting and visit our office

Today Civil Society members organize their meeting. They are participate in all social development issues by following democratic way. It is one of the fundamental unit of the society. They will decided what they need in their society. They participation for achievement of social need.
All the members of  such (Wada Nagaric Mancha) society visit our office they all know what we are doing in Morang, Belbari. They all appreciated our job for their society. They all agree to give us recomendation letter for operation of Short term rehab in this locality.
Some of the women members also visit us they were exciting towards our program. They feel risk minimization of children program is needed for this society.

vendredi 5 août 2016

Sick girl refer to CPCS for treatment.

Kabita Mangrati has sick.She has kidney problem. Here is not good treatment so CRPC(Sindhuli) refer to CPCS for well treatment.