lundi 24 octobre 2016

Field visit to meet with street children

We met children in street of different places of east part of Nepal , Main city were Itahari, Dharan, Jhumka, Ianaruwa, Belabri , Urlabari , Damak as well as Birtamod we visited.
Children involving in different activities such as begging, reg-picker, cartoon collection , money collection in vehicle.  

lundi 17 octobre 2016

Dashain TIKA Program in Morang.

Meeting With Public Society in Morang.

In Morang, We organized Meeting  with Public Society. There are 8 CLASS Program running through CPCS International. 300 Children are getting support in 8 different school of Morang, Jhapa and Sunsari District through CPCS. We discussed with them about our program objectives. School Teacher, Head master and LSA also participated in the program.

mardi 11 octobre 2016

dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Vehicle pooja, goat sacrificing. 
Kids are enjoying with swing, participating in Thami Cultural program.

samedi 8 octobre 2016

mardi 4 octobre 2016

Children Playing game in CLASS Lalbhitti (Morang)

In CLASS Lalbhitti (Morang), Children are playing game with local staffs. In CLASS Lalbhitti 50 children are studying in Shree Kawir Secondary School. Now school is closed for Dashain so all children are coming in office for class and extra activities. Health Assistance facilitated  children for activities.

lundi 3 octobre 2016

Meeting With LSA (Kathmandu)

 On 3rd October 2016, we did meeting with Kathmandu LSA. We discussed about the program effectiveness. All LSA are provided September month report.

Sindhuli center cloths distribution to children for dashin.

Yesterday we had celebrate dashin  program to children. CRPC Nepal sindhuli collected  some clothes  from local community  to children.Thery are very bad condition. They can’t buy new dress for Dashin festival that’s why we provided yesterday beginning of Dashin. They are so happy got clothes.