dimanche 27 novembre 2016

General health check up in Class Birtamod

We conduct general check up in class Birtamod. Our Paramedical person HA observe to all parents and supported children of this class center where 50 children and there parents were presence in the program

Durga Family visit

After 8 years Durga found her family at Biratnagar by the effort of local organization Organization for child Development and Nepal Police Boarder police office Rani Biratnagar.
When Durga was small girl she was invited for domestic helper for one of the villager in Jawalakhel Patan but afet some of her reached she miss the way than when police found her in the street she reach in CPCS girl rehab center.
Since beginning our team trying to finding her family but her telling location was not working . In this time she come with field worker in Biratnagar and two days she spend searching family place after two days she able to say there was a film hall and her father was Riksha operator then other one Riksha operator also try to find , who help us over a day for searching family. at evening time we able to find her parents. Now father becoming older also he was suffering by  tuberculous. It was heart breaking reunion of her to her family. Many Villagers were come to see durga. After a day we help her to make birth certificate and visit her family, The family condition also seem very painful.  

There are Father mother and two younger brother in her family.

Class Jhapa Visit

There are 25 children are supported in class Jhapa. Each month there  conducting regular parents meeting where children and parents will share difficulties and  happy moment during the month.

samedi 19 novembre 2016

On 19, November 2016, organized LSA regular meeting in Deurali Center office, Dolakha

On 19, November 2016, organized LSA regular meeting in Deurali Center office, Dolakha. 11 LSA, CPCR staffs, and CPCS international staffs are actively participated in the meeting. We discussed about different new system likes Monty report, children attendance record in class program, monthly Bill system etc.       


Clothes distribution and school support Kids in Budhha primary School, Deurali, Dolakha

Organized regular parents meeting in Shree Lamanagi Lower Secondary School, suspa, Dolakha

On 17th November 2016, organized regular parents meeting in Shree Lamanagi Lower Secondary School, suspa, Dolakha. 100 parents, principal, school management and teachers were activity participated in meeting

jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Godhawari picnic, from CPCS DB DIC 16 Nov 2016

There are 15 children and staffs went Godhawari Picnic, It was very useful and happy with DIC children, They visits in forest green place. They had fun activities also.


Health Check up and Awareness class for the children in CLASS Pharping

On 16th Nov, In CLASS Pharping we Organized Health Check up and Awareness class for the children.Total 27 children are participated in the program. We distributed to all children Worm medicine. LSA facilitated for the program.There are 25 children studying through CPCS support.

mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Organized meeting with principal and handover dress for all kids

On 11th November 2016, organized meeting with principal, LAS and Teacher of  Rajkuleshwor Lower secondary School Dolakha  as well as Principal handover dress for all kids, whom are support by CPCS International. 48 kids, 35 parents’ school manage and teachers are participated in that program.

mardi 8 novembre 2016

LSA Meeting and CPP Orientation Program in Dillibazar

Organized the child counsel and staffs meeting in Deurail Center Dolakha

vendredi 4 novembre 2016

Hewa ( Bharat) Refer

Bharat Tamang , We refer in SERC school, He is not a Disable same like we.
But he has few problem with mind, He needs to good take care or school. after 2/3 years we sent him. He is very happy and we had Farewell with him.

jeudi 3 novembre 2016

Tihar Programs 2073 CPCS DIC

                       There are 60 / 70 children and staffs are celebrated Tihar Programs BS, 2073. 30 to over children and youth came from street.  10am we had start tika, our girls and Miss put tika to boys and girls. We had 11 am finished tika. After 11 am we had Meet curry pickle and beaten rice.

Some boys and girls dancing and singing, some boys and girls didn’t take tika, they are Christian. Kids are enjoying with tihar programs from CPCS DIC, Some children had Deuse bhailo also and make money. We had celebrated 3 days tihar programs 30 oct, 30 Oct and 1 Nove 2016.