lundi 26 décembre 2016

Child Protection Policy 2013 orientation program on 21-23 December 2016 for CPCS team

CPCS organized   its (Child Protection Policy 2013) orientation  program  for staffs on 21- 23 December 2016  to orient and provide the  CPP knowledge and implementation of CPP effectively and efficiently during their job. There were 24 staffs attended the orientation. Programs was facilitated by Ranju Shrestha.  Same time, all participants have signed on declaration of CPP . Program was done in CPCS hall. In last 2013 March, CPCS provided comprehensive training on CPP 2013 for all staffs duly after launching CPP 2013. It is refresher  and follow up orientation for staffs about CPP.    

dimanche 25 décembre 2016

Children's Visit Sindhuli festival

25th Dec,Sindhuli Our kids visited in big Sindhuli festival.They have seen agriculture product,human culture and hand made product.

samedi 24 décembre 2016

Police sent street children for shelter.

23th Dec,    One street youth was in police custody.Police arrested to pick-pocketing case. Police called to our office.We visited in custody and released to him and sent for rehab.Now we are searching to his family.

Children's watching educational carton "Meena"

Weekly Thursday,We have showing the educational film.They are more learning from education film.
Meena carton is most popular for kids.It is very useful education.

Personal Hygiene Check-up and Awareness Class Sindhuli Center.

Everyday day 15 minute before class,  we have done hygiene check-up and start education class.

lundi 12 décembre 2016

Parents Meeting and Health camp in CLASS Sindhuli.

CLASS Sindhuli, There are 50 supported kids in center.We are doing monthly health camp and parents meeting.Our health staff some children refer to Hospital.

Health Camp and Parents meeting in CLASS Phosretar,sindhuli

CLASS Phosretar there are 25 our supported children.We have done health camp and parents meeting.CPCS Int gust also visited and meeting with parents and teacher.Our kids did well-coming to our gust.

Parents meeting and Health Camp in Class Kamala Sindhuli

Our health team and staffs done parents meeting,health camp in Class Kamala.

Parents Meeting and Health Camp CLASS Adhari Center office.

CPCS Sent Medicine and H.A for health camp to all center.We have four center in sindhuli.
CLASS Adhari Head office 50 kids,CLASS Kamala 25 CLASS Phosretar 25 and Class sindhuli 50.
This time we done health camp  to all center and also other children from school.We have check-up and provide medicine.Parents 150 and 200 kids participated meeting and health camp. Cpcs Int gust Jf participated and gave great suggestion.

Health camp and parents meeting head office sindhuli also children making paper flower,

dimanche 11 décembre 2016

Picnic at Class Birtamod

There are 50 students in Class Birtamod. Children are from local community they all studied in Devi Higher Secondary School, All supported students parents also participated in picnic program. Most of the family based on street business. By getting children education support children getting chance to go school regular.

Health check up and awareness program in CLASS Banepa

mercredi 7 décembre 2016

Uniform distribution and Parents Meeting in CLASS Balaju

12th Dec 2016, We went CLASS Balaju and organized school uniform distribution program. There are 25 children are studying through CPCS support. All children are regular school and they are studying in Shree Gyan Rashami Higher Secondary School, Balaju Bohoratar. We did meeting with parents about their children studying condition. We provided uniform to all supported children. 

mardi 6 décembre 2016

Health Awareness and Medical check up program.

Regular CLASS visit program in CLASS Chalnakhel and CLASS Kritipur. Health Assistance give to them health awareness class and medical check up. In both CLASS center 25 -25 children are studying through CPCS support.

Regular Meeting With LSA

5th Dec, 2016, We did meeting with LSA about report writing, snacks and regular tuition class. We have 19 LSA are working in different CLASS centers. They provided to supported children daily snacks, tuition class, awareness class and game activities. We discussed with them regular monthly meeting about progress of children, Program and difficulties etc.

vendredi 2 décembre 2016

One line Games, for street children,

Street children need to play online Mini games, So many street children like to play games, we can change their habits by online game, drugs, Smoke , and glue sniffing etc, their habits, So they must know about computer knowledge, street children can know about computer how to use.
They feel happy and cleaver also. CPCS DIC  provide to them, daily 2/3 hours for type and playing online mini games.


jeudi 1 décembre 2016

(Local Social Actor) LSA meeting in morang region

November 30, 2016
All region and class center local Social Actor were attend in meeting. They are discuss about the achievement and problems of the program. Office provides transportation and snacks to presence member of LSAs. They also learn about the first aid training from HA in office hall.