lundi 30 janvier 2017

Meeting with Local Action Supporter

Today we conduct meeting with local action supporter  they are from various location and school. Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari  are different districts os nepal where we make support school children who are at risk and with risk.
Today we make conversation about improving in our achievement,

Central project Advisory Committee (CPAC) Meeting on 24 January, 2017 at Kathmandu

Child Protection Centers and Services International  organized its second (CPAC)  Central project Advisory Committee Meeting on Tuesday, 24 January, 2017 at Kathmandu and program was presided by Member Secretary SWC, Mr. Dilli Prasad Bhatta. Program was co-chaired by CPCS-INT, Deputy Country Director Arjun Mohan Bhattarai.  The program was started with INGO- Representative half an hour presentation about the year 2016 activities outcomes and financial updates. Mr. Bhattarai mentioned about the INGO-NGO partnership coordination with local bodies, ratio of program and admin cost, challenges faces during project implementation, project covered districts, child selection criteria, practical difficulties about the budget, NGO partner selection in locality and donors etc. Programs was run for 2 hours. The participants were Laxmi Uprety (MOWCSW),Krishna Gyawali (MOH),Tek Khatri(MOF), Bandhu Banstola(MOFALD), Binod bhattarai(MOLJ) ,Tarak Dhital (CCWB), Pradarshani Shah(NPC), Dhurba Regmi(MOE), Bijesh Shrestha(CPCS), Nawaraj Pokharel (CPCSINT),  Hari Tiwari(SWC), Ram Sharma (SWC).

dimanche 29 janvier 2017

Health check up Awareness Parents meeting and shoes distribution program in CLASS Narayangadh.

On 29th Jan 2017, We visited in CLASS Narayangadh. We meet with children and parents. Biken sir provided to health awareness class and he checked to children. Now there are 38 children studying through CPCS support.We discussed to Parents about children studies and our program.Parents are requested for continue support. We distributed to  shoes for all children.We provided to medicine to them and we took some first aid medicine in first aid box.

mercredi 25 janvier 2017

Winter clothes Distribution

During the parents meeting we distribute sweeter and shocks to children from class lalbhitti there are 50 children supported by CPCS International.
some photos from program:

mardi 24 janvier 2017

Quiz contest and athletics, in winter vacation street children. cpcs DIC

This week we had many kind of programs with street children in cpcs dic , there are 15 to 25 children participated on winter vacation in cpcs dic. They feel worm and forgets past street life and drugs habits.

jeudi 19 janvier 2017

Winter Vacation part 2

Street children are enjoying with football, in cpcs DIC

Winter vacation , DIC children 2017

Winter Vacation for street children in CPCS DIC, This time children feel very cold, cpcs provide many kind of worm cloths and making nice activities with street children. It is 10 days package programs inside of cpcs DIC, 2/3 time they have out visits programs also as , hall visits, Zoo visit and dry picnic also.     

samedi 14 janvier 2017


First of Magha Nepali Calendar, Celebrate Maghi Sangranti with took bath, various fun and activities (music, Belon breaking, Belon shift, Musical chair, etc)  and took delicious foods; Ghee, Chaku, Tarul, Bara, Chiura, Mashu etc.